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It's no secret that parents like you could get easily overwhelmed by the thousands of options to give you child as a present or gift. For most parents, the usual choices include clothing and toys; but why not change things up a bit? Of course, the most important consideration of all is the issue of whether or not your child will appreciate and like what you give him/her. After all, the very purpose of giving your children gifts is to make them happy. Check out the mommy high five website to get started.

And because you definitely welcome some change, how about giving your child his or her first digital camera? If there's one gift they will appreciate so much, it has to be a digital camera because no kid won't enjoy taking photos of everyone and everything around them. But then again, buying the right camera or flip phones for kids isn't as simple as you think it is because there are certain factors to consider.

1 - Aesthetics Matter

If you're shopping for a camera for your own consumption, then it means you will be more focused on the technical stuff like the quality of the lens, storage, screen size, and other fancy features. But this time, you'll be giving one to your kids, which means that the foremost consideration is the design, or simply put, how the camera looks from the outside. More importantly, don't buy one with a plain black, gray, or white color, because more likely than not, they won't like it. It is best to buy one with a flashier color like orange, yellow, pink, or red.

2 - Kid-Sized Cameras

Remember that you can't just choose any digital camera out in stores because many of them are built for adult use. You can't give them something heavy and bulky because kids have little hands, which means they're better off with small and compact varieties. You need to figure out if what you're buying can be placed inside their pockets.

3 - Kid-Friendly

Finding a kid-friendly camera will make things a lot easier for you and the one you're giving it to. As we mentioned earlier, not all digital cameras are built to be used by children, which means you expect to put a lot of effort in finding one that won't give your young one a difficult time getting used to. To be more specific, look for a digital camera in which a single click or tap is needed to take pictures. It doesn't have to be so fancy like when there are so many lens adjustments and effects that will only confuse children.

Lastly, buy one based on your instincts, but don't ever tell them how much it costs!
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